Bikers on the Square scheduled for Sept. 19

Justin Hotop

Perry County residents are no strangers to the roar and rumble of motorcycles.According to Perry County records, there are approximately 1,200 registered motorcycles in the county.
That number will most likely rise much higher on Sept. 19, when the Perryville Downtown Revitalization Committee hosts the eighth annual Bikers on the Square rally in downtown Perryville.
“We’ve had a lot of people reach out about information for the Bikers on the Square event,” committee member Robynne Duvall said. “Whether that be for hotel information or what music will be played. If the truck show is any indication, then I feel like we will have a good crowd.”
The Laid Back on I-55 truck show held on Aug. 22 featured approximately 90 trucks, an increase of more than 30 vehicles from the previous year.
Duvall hopes for a similar increase or at least a stable number of attendees from past years.
“We have a group riding in from Springfield for an event at the Missouri National Veterans Memorial on Saturday night,” Duvall said.
“We thought we would have less numbers for the truck show, but we actually had more. I don’t know if we should expect to have more or less people, but we will see.”
That event, billed as the Missouri Vietnam Wall Run, is expected to bring hundreds of motorcycle enthusiasts from across the state — and some from across the country — to Missouri’s National Veterans Memorial in Perryville that Friday for a day of ceremony and remembrance at the Memorial’s full-sized, exact replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., which includes a POW/MIA candlelight vigil.
To coincide with the vigil, the Bikers on the Square event will host a similar Sky Lantern ceremony on Saturday.
Despite the large crowd expected, Duvall said that there will be at least 16 signs posted around the downtown square that she had made up to remind participants and attendees to follow the CDC and Perry County Health Department guidelines about social distancing.
“It is an outside event and knock on wood, but we didn’t see on the health department’s Facebook page about any exposures to the virus from the truck show and we are hoping for the same results this time as well,” Duvall said.
Duvall said to expect live music as well as plenty of motorcycles. This year, the event will be highlighted by Kid Kentucky, a Kid Rock Tribute Band that will begin at 7 p.m.


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