Boeing T-7 Redhawk refueling stop — June 16, 2020

Steve "Bull" Schmidt and Dan "Dragon" Draeger, both test pilots for Boeing out of its St. Louis facility, made a refueling stop at the airport during a test flight for a new advanced jet trainer that Boeing is developing for the U.S. military. In addition to the small jet and its pilots, the Perryville stop also included several members of the team's ground crew, along with members of the Perryville Fire Department, the city's Public Works department and a pair of proud parents. One of the engineers behind the design of the T-7 is former Perryville resident Jeremy Koenig, who graduated from Perryville High School in 1999. According to a specification sheet provided by Boeing, the T-7 has one engine, twin tails, stadium seating and an advanced cockpit with embedded training. The fact sheet calls the aircraft "the cornerstone of the complete advanced pilot training system, which also includes state-of-the-art ground-based training and a maintenance-friendly design for long-term dependability."

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