Letter to the Editor: Starting on the 98th rung

Dear Editor:

So what’s the deal with those people, anyway?
Why are they always killing each other?
Why are they so ticked off?
Why do they think they deserve everything handed to them on a platter?
Why don’t they believe in law and order?
I was born into a family which didn’t have a great deal. We had hand me downs and an outside toilet.  If you’re of a certain age, you’re probably not much different.
But guess what? we had a whole list of advantages that 98 percent of the children God placed on this earth didn’t/don’t have:
We were born to two parents;
We had a strong extended family;
We were born in a community with s strong support network:  schools, churches, etc;
We were born in the United States of America;
We were born white!
Think about that for a minute. Whatever obstacles we like to pride ourselves in overcoming in our lives, if our life were a ladder with 100 rungs, we started on the 98th rung.
Can you, or I really put ourselves in the shoes of that other 98 percent?
Would we want to, for even 24 hours? Could we stand to do so?
Yet, God placed us on this formerly green earth with them — maybe to teach us something.
Do you think?

Jim Martin



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