Perryville captures first win of season with big second half

Justin Hotop

Perryville football coach Blane Boss could take a sigh of relief on Friday night as his team showed what they were capable of as the Pirates captured their first win of the season with a 38-18 victory over Windsor.
“I’m happy for the kids and for them to get in the win column and experience that,” Boss said. “We still have some things to work on and a long way to go. We have some young guys up front and it was our goal to get the win this week and we did that.”
The win was predicated on a complete 180-degree turn from the previous week, a 41-0 loss to St. Clair. After earning just 98 total yards against the Bulldogs, the Pirates offense churned out 430 total yards, including 323 on the ground.
Quarterback Evan Daugherty led the way in the rushing attack, earning 116 yards on 17 carries and one score and Fernando Bojorquez followed with 93 yards on 10 carries.
But it was the air attack that changed the complexion of the game late in the first half.
After Windsor quarterback Derek Williams scrambled for a 13 yard touchdown run to the game at 6-6 with 1:06 left before halftime, there were probably many fans in the stands and even coaches on the sideline that thought that Perryville should run the clock out after seeing a long field for the Pirate offense.
However, Boss was not one of them.
Perryville senior Dawson Camden caught three passes on the drive, including a 52-yard pass down the sideline and into the redzone, before capping the drive with a two-yard touchdown off of a slant route, giving Perryville the 12-6 lead heading into the break. Daugherty went 5-7 on the night for 107 yards and two touchdowns and one interception. Camden caught each of his quarterbacks passes and compiled the first 100 yard receiver in Boss’ now four year tenure.
Boss thought that was the perfect time to push the ball down the field.
“We saw what coverage they were in and liked the matchup with Dawson and there was about one minute left and if we connected, who knows what could have happened.” Boss said. “Thankfully it worked out for us.”
Boss also praised his senior signal-caller on his night.
“Evan did well with the deep ball and “Dawson didn’t even have to move his hands, the pass was right on the money,” Boss said. “Dawson did a great job tonight and it’s what I expect from those guys.”
Perryville added to its lead in the third quarter as Bojorquez scored from six yards out with 2:57 left on the third quarter.
Windsor responded with a 48-yard run by Williams seconds into their ensuing drive.
Perryville iced the game with touchdown runs by Daugherty, and Holt, and a 33-yard catch by Dawson. Windsor pulled within scores on a catch off a tipped pass to make it 30-18.
Boss was impressed by the Owls’ fight late in the contest.
“They haven’t quit the past couple years and they have some good athletes over there,” Boss said. “As we saw tonight all it takes is one play and Williams can just take off and score like he did a couple of times tonight.”
Perryville started the scoring on the night after they stopped the Owl offense on their first drive.
Sam Barber broke up a long pass on the second fourth down during the drive and Perryville took the ball and got on the board first with, a four yard scamper by Jay Jannin to go up 6-0 near the end of the opening quarter.
Perryville will have to wait a little bit longer to experience the joy of scoring a touchdown and the thrill of victory as they will miss out on week 3 as the school goes 100 percent virtual.
The Pirates will forgo a home contest with Park Hills Central with the hopes of returning on Sept. 18 when they travel to Fredericktown.
Boss said it will be interesting on how he and his team navigate the open week.
“We are just going to have to see what the limitations are,” Boss said. “We will have to see how it goes and play it by ear.”


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